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April 5, 2021

Seeing the devastation in many parts of Texas following an unprecedented Artic blast, which unfortunately resulted in lives lost and widespread lack of access to heat, electricity and clean water, Novelis and Ball teamed up to fund and deliver 2,100 cases of canned water. The canned water is being distributed by the Montgomery County Food Bank.

Due to ongoing conversations with Ball exploring opportunities to expand our customer-supplier relationship to amplify our collective community impact, Ball and Novelis worked with our mutual non-profit partner CannedWater4Kids to fund the cost of the canned water and delivery to Montgomery County Food Bank. At the time of our coordinated response, five Montgomery County utility districts were under boil-water notices, while others had no access to water at all.

“The Montgomery County Food Bank has severely reduced supplies as we continue to support mobile food and water distributions, warming centers, our partner Houston Food Bank, and local partner agencies,” said John Kreger, Director of Sourcing and Industry Partnerships, Montgomery County Food Bank. “Due to our limited supplies of case counted water we’re at risk of being unable to meet the demand in our community without assistance from companies like Ball and Novelis.”

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